During our life we are shaped by our parents, society, and culture heroes etc. Life experiences that we face influence our personality. During my mature life questions such es “who am I”? “what has shaped me”? “Is this reality fake”? have been raised by me. Since childhood we put on ourself-layers and layers in order to protect us, living in custom of what is expected from us. My inspiration in the project is breaking stereotypes that are expressed in dress, The story of a girl who rebels against social norms. I am choosing to define myself and not to be defined by society. The collection tells the story of the journey that I took over since infancy till today, I examined the conventional dress codes that were shaped and determined by social definition. The materials include evening fabrics, sportswear and tailor-made techniques and patterns that define clothing. During the design process, I didn't define the collection according to gender definition. Today we are living in a global world where all borders are vague and there is no clear definition to fashion.